Who Is Crescent Builds / by Will Myers

A Seattle Staple Since 1950


The name Crescent as a business has been around for almost 60 years. The name originally came from August's Grandfather, George Crippin and his love for Lake Crescent here in Washington. August's Great Grandfather, Charles Crippin started his career as a logger sometime in the early 1900's. A profession passed down to his son, George. Prior to starting Crescent Lumbar & Shingle Co. (1948-1970), he and his family lived out on the Peninsula where logging was the primary source of income for the residents. While working as a logger for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, the government had come in to purchase the land which they primarily logged on for Olympic National Park. While he and his co-workers were doing a timber survey to establish a purchase amount, they found what is still known as the biggest Douglas Fir tree in the country at Queets River. August's grandfather (on the far right?) was photographed at the base of this tree prior to the sale of the land.

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Crescent Down Works was founded by Anne Michelson in 1974 as a custom-order down vest company in Seattle, Washington. Inspired by her love of hiking, camping, and the outdoors, Anne applied her knowledge of down clothing manufacturing from her first job at Northwest outerwear company, Eddie Bauer, to her own design and style. She couldn't seem to find the level of quality and style combined that she was seeking for so she began to design and make her own down clothing in the early 70's. In keeping with the tradition of the family name, Anne choose to continue on by using Crescent as her grandfather did in his lumbar company.


Since those early days, they have expanded from vests to a complete line of outerwear, all made in their factory in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. All of their products are made-to-order; crafted with acute attention to detail and the highest quality materials. Crescent Down Works continues on as a family run business, committed to excellent quality and timeless style. Anne's daughter, Annie Michelson, along side Cutting Room Director Nora Strang, continue to lead the company. Both Crescent Builds and Crescent Down Works strive for quality above all else in their work.

Service Spotlight

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If your deck is looking a little tired, it might be time to seal it, and stain or paint it. Staining or painting your wood deck will make it look like a million bucks — and you’ll only spend a tiny fraction of that amount. The cheap way to seal a deck is do it yourself. You’ll spend a couple hundred dollars on supplies and rented tools. Do it annually or every two to three years, depending on where you live. Ignore the job long enough and you’ll need to replace the deck, at a cost of thousands of dollars.

The Crescent Family - Trooper and Tika


Trooper (left) and Tika (right) are our employees of the month, every month! While they both share a fondness of lounging in the sun and getting in extra head pets at the desk of the other staff, they both have their own strengths and struggles they've overcome to make it to our team.

Trooper was a Mexican street dog before coming to be adopted by Emilee and August. He is known throughout the office for his superior scavenging skills and basking in whatever spot of sun he can find. Trooper is a tri-pod pup. When living alone on the streets of Mexico, he was brutally attacked by a crocodile and lost his leg. August's Aunt, Ann (Crescent Down Works) took him in and nursed back to health. While August and Emilee were on a trip with the family to visit, they meet Trooper and knew instantly he was meant to be party of the family.

Trooper was then flown back with them and has since been a Seattleite and never looked back.

Tika serves as both our guard dog extraordinaire as well as the greeter with the most welcome kisses. While looking around for another dog through breeders, they met Tika who was the runt of the little and not considered desirable. Again, the bind was immediate and the tiny little fireball was welcomed into the family with open arms.